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The Environmental Protection Agency ranked indoor air pollution as the most important cause of cancer as people in modern societies spend more than 80% of their lives indoors. Scientific evidence indicate that the air indoors can be 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air and the risk of health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors. Building owners and consultants spend lots of time in designing a building to ensure that quality is maintained from structural aspects to final finishes.  But sad to say nothing is provided or done to maintain and uphold the cleanliness of the building.

Up to millions are spent on state of the art security systems and  air-conditioning the building, thus reducing the fresh air supply, the dangers of health become greater  as the occupants of the building are now exposed to health problems associated to the Sick Building Syndrome. (click to read from Wikipedia.)

To make matters worse, cleaners are hired to supposedly clean the building but end up polluting the building by using their portable vacuums which discharge millions of dust particles through the exhaust of the portable vacuum.  This is a proven fact as no portable vacuum can trap 100% of dust and dirt in their filtration systems which includes the hepa filtration system. There have been documented cases of mercury poisoning from portable vacuum systems.

Mercury Awareness Program by the government of the State of Indiana, U.S.A..

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The only way to clean and the only system that removes 100% of all dust and dirt picked up during vacuuming is a Central Vacuum System. All dust and dirt picked up is transported through a network of ducting , filtered and discharged outside of the building. Yes, even a central vacuum system cannot trap 100% of dust and dirt picked up but whatever it picks up is discharged outside of the building unlike the portable units. Besides creating a better indoor air quality in the building, central vacuum systems can be used at any time of the day as it does not have the irritating noise like all portables carry giving a peace of mind to all occupants.

Having state of the art security systems are not full proof as cleaners have excess to every part of the building hence confidential information and belongings can leak and disappear at times just to name a few. This is because cleaners are scheduled to clean before or after working hours just because of the inconveniences caused by the portable vacuum. However by using a central vacuum, these problems can be eliminated as cleaners can clean at any time of the day under the watchful eyes of the building occupants.

Under the new guide lines for the Green Building Index, central vacuum systems are recommended and it is a small price to pay for a load of benefits. Central Vacuum Systems create a better indoor air quality and adds value to your building.

The Solutions We provide for You

kbb 3 phased

KBB 3 Phased System

For medium size industrial buildings requiring
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KBB Customized System.

We customize cost effective solutions to meet any Air and Vacuum challenges for both OEM and End User providing various model of quality vacuum pumps and equipment to meet the changing needs of industries.

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