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Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems are becoming part of today’s modern technology as the healthiest and easiest way to clean. Compact filtration units designed for continuous operation used to trap and collect the fine particles in the incoming dirty air stream before the clean air is exhausted through the vacuum pump to the atmosphere.

General Office Areas

The essential daily cleaning process can be done in a quiet , efficient manner and allows office activities to go undisturbed. A cleaner working environment boosts employee morale and improves productivity.

Front Office

Impress your clients, the system creates an ultra modern look for that great first impression. This is an important area to keep clean all day to prevent outside dirt from brought into office areas and production floors. Cleaners can clean without having to disturb the quiet ambience at the front office.

Clean Room

Where dust particles are a major concern, the central vacuum system is able to control and lower dust particle count by removing 100% of dust particles picked up during the vacuuming process unlike the portable vacuum that discharges dust particle through the exhaust even with a hepa filter.


This is a very important area to keep free of dust and bacteria from accumulating. The Central Vacuum System guarantees 100% removal of all sucked material NOT even the finest of particles is re-circulated back into the room through the filter which portable vacuums do all the time even with hepa filters! 

Packing Areas

Impress your customers with products packed in really clean areas. Spillage can be re-cycled, if uncontaminated, improving profits and reducing waste handling. A Central Vacuum System makes all the difference.

Direct To Equipment Dust Removal

Continuous or automated intermittent dust removal direct from source by Central Vacuum System eliminates the possibility of secondary contamination. Removes more dust and with less air removal from your production areas.

Warehouse Areas

Send products out in a clean condition. A convenient but powerful vacuum in your product dispatch areas reduces goods returned and will eliminate customer complaints.

Improves Security

Without having to put up with the noise that portable vacuums do, cleaners can now clean at any time of the day in high security areas. Security personal need not follow cleaners around as cleaning can be done during normal working hours.

Your Benefits

Areas Of Application

* Rubber   * Plastics  * Furnace  * Aluminium   * Furniture   * Textile   * Paper
* Pharmaceutical   * Cosmetics   * Mills   * Bakery   * Confectionery 
* Manufacturing   * Steelworks   * Injection moulding   * Power stations…….

The Solutions We provide for You

KBB 3 Phased System

For medium size industrial buildings requiring
long hour usage, the KBB Series provides industrial rated vacuum plants with longer life span & minimal maintenance.

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KBB Customized System.

We customize cost effective solutions to meet any Air and Vacuum challenges for both OEM and End User providing various model of quality vacuum pumps and equipment to meet the changing needs of industries.

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