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What is a home if it’s not a home that is cosy, fresh and well maintained?  Let it be a small apartment, a luxury condominium , a single storey house or a luxury bungalow, all these is worth nothing if your home isn’t a happy and a healthy home.

The Environmental Protection Agency ranked indoor air pollution as the most important cause of cancer as people in modern societies spend more than 80% of their lives indoors. Scientific evidence indicate that the air indoors can be 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air and the risk of health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.

Developers, architects and their consultants spend lots of time and money providing us with beautiful homes. Individual home builders pay lots of money to consultants and architects so that they can have the best that money can offer but sadly nothing is done and provided to maintain and uphold the cleanliness of a home.

Traditional ways, a never ending task.

Keeping a home clean is a daily process and not to mention a tidies one too! And with the traditional ways of cleaning when using the broom and portable vacuum, it becomes a never ending task. These obsolete ways of cleaning are incapable of keeping your homes cleaned as the broom is dirty by itself and is an excellent breading ground for germs and dust mites to breed. The dust and dirt that is swept just flies into the air and re-settles down onto food, furniture and floors and the portable vacuum is no different, it too blows out billions of fine microscopic dust that cannot be trapped by the filter and is discharged through the exhaust. There have been documented cases of families being poisoned by the exhaust air discharged by the portable vacuum.

Absolutely NO RECIRCULATION of dust within your home.

A BEAM Central Vacuum System removes all dust and dirt from the home  through a network of specifically designed tubing installed into the walls of your home to transport dirt, dust and allergens away from the home to a central power unit located on the outside of your home. Because the power unit is located outside, there is absolutely NO RECIRCULATION of dust within your home as the air is exhausted from the power unit to the outside. This is why we have clinical proof that BEAM Central Vacuum Systems create a better indoor living climate and it is  clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms.

Flexible, lightweight, fast, easy move, convenience, quiet.

To activate the system, simply plug in the lightweight hose into any vacuum inlet strategically located in certain areas of your home to maximise coverage. The flexible lightweight hose allows you to move from room to room, upstairs and downstairs for fast easy whole house cleaning convenience and all done so quietly too. The power unit located outside your home incorporates an intelligent design which significantly reduces the sound created from the system. 

No need to ever purchase vacuum filter bags.

BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are equipped with the exclusive self-cleaning filter from the makers of Gore-Tex Fabric. So the central vacuum system will always be at optimal cleaning performance, and there is no need to ever purchase vacuum filter bags. BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are designed with commercial grade materials for high durability and longevity. 

With a BEAM Central Vacuum System you have a modern household appliance for a busy, modern family lifestyle. A happy home is a healthy home and a healthier home makes a happy home!

The Solutions We provide for You

BEAM Central Vacuum System

Beam power units offer a modern household appliance that are ultra powerful, leading to faster completion of your cleaning tasks.

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kbb 3 phased

KBB 3 Phased Central Vacuum System

For larger homes requiring long hour usage, the KBB Series provides industrial rated vacuum plants with longer life span & minimal maintenance.

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